There are countless more options when it comes to rainbow hair trends. From dreamy pastels to ombre inspired by galaxies, these colors are designed for those with flaxen hair. But now there is a trend of rainbow hair color only for brunettes that don’t need to be bleached.

Hair ball oil is a technique that allows black haired people to have rainbow hair, minus the serious damage that may come with it.

The look combines metallic tones of green, blue and green, and is inspired by puddles with gasoline on a rainy day.

It is the trend of black hair, mysterious, rich and more important, most prominent with the least damage.

Here, rainbow hair will give you all the inspiration you need for your salon or your next home color.

  1. Red Pop

While traditional oil colors play purple, gray, blue and green – create your own trend by combining a red band here and there. It is the perfect contrast to make green eyes pop up.

  1. Ombre oil

Ombre hair is still a lot, but an oil ball version is a way to enhance the style. Plus, it’s perfect for ladies with hair color problems.

  1. Brilliant Brunettes

Why have to choose one, when you actually can have it all? We love this extreme excitement in the trend of shiny hair. Just be sure to go two to three days between washes to extend the life of bright colors, catch your eye.

  1. Lazy Chic

Touch often? No thanks. This sleek ombre oil allows ladies to go longer between hair appointments by keeping the color strictly to the end (of course if you are working with your natural hair color at the base). Just be sure to use color shampoo and safe conditioner.

  1. Mermaid

This is done is pure mermaid magic. Create a lighter color by adding a little texture to the hair. Take a curling iron 1 inch and, starting from eye level, curling your hair, alternating the directions with each part until your whole head is a bunch with colorful ribs.

  1. Colorful contrast

Can her hair be smoother? Its main line and shadow act as a perfect contrast to the vibrant colors and show the “silly” appearance that sleek hair requires.

7. Color cascading

Anyone else died of this perfect hair color and craft style? To really make the colors stand out, Crutchfield-Christoni recommends adding a bit of gloss to your favorite hair serum.

  1. Soft and delicate

Mahogany men are very beautiful (especially autumn hair), but if you crave something a little more creative, add some lovely oil colors like magenta and blue. Gray to increase gloss.

  1. Badass and Bold

Would you like to know how to make your badass cut looking even better? Combine hair gloss oil. Blunt people know that you mean business, while colors show your cheerful personality. Joining the dark side of the rainbow never looked so good. 

  1. Lock lazy girl

Simple, beautiful and unique – the subtle highlights of oil are what our low maintenance women have been waiting for. Because they are so sophisticated, these colors look less dull as they fade, allowing you to spend time between salon visits.

  1. Beautiful as a peacock

Combining all the beautiful colors of exotic birds, these peacock-like fibers need to be seen with their brilliant color palette, and look absolutely gorgeous on brown-haired beauties.

Do not hesitate, try on if you are falling in love with this hairstyle. MCSARA always want our customers to get the best hairstyle which makes them really satisfied and happy.

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