Cosplay Goddess Of America: Jessica Nigri With No Makeup Moments

Jessica Nigri is a famous cosplayer from America, a promotional model, and Youtuber. Besides, she has known as a voice actress and fan convention interview correspondent. Nigri was born on August 5, 1989, in Reno, Nevada United States, however, she grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand, which is her mom’s home nation.

Her cosplay career began in 2009 with a cosplay collection named “Pikachu Sexy”. When she wrote it to San Diego Comic-Con International, it created a big craze on the internet. Later, Jessica Nigri became attracted to the huge number of followers, she received many advertise invitation from game online company thanks to her unique sexy style. “Gears of War 3” in 2011 is one of the products which she is a promotional model for Microsoft and GameStop. She dressed up as the game’s character Anya Stroud to release this game.


Nigri’s shaping is very successful according to the characters she cosplayed, however, some photos of Jessica Nigri no makeup were also revealed. Underneath the cosplay makeup styles and interesting character suits, Jessica Nigri still possesses a hot body like a BOMB with beautiful blonde hair and a natural face. Her natural long hair is also one of the factors that make her perfect appearance. If you are curious about the cosplayer’s most impromptu moments, right now, we will give you some photos of her without makeup with hairstyles that she chooses.

  1. Jessica Nigri with Pikachu

Pikachu is the first character to bring attention to Nigri. Please also review her image in the first days of her cosplay career. You will be surprised by her youthful and natural beauty without makeup.

Here is a photo was taken when Jessica Nigri wore Pikachu cosplay for the first time. She has a wonderful beauty even without lipstick and cream. Her hair is long and straight with blonde color and a little dark brown. When she does not wear makeup, natural hairstyles accentuate the beauty of her face.

  1. No makeup with light blue hair

Her selfie photo when she woke up in her pet dog looked interesting. Nigri’s face looks extremely radiant and full of life without cosmetics. She was dyed light blue for her hair, this hairstyle gave her new and outstanding beauty.

Another photo she took in the car with the same hairstyle. This time, she makeups quite prominent eyes, along with her combed hair, this photo posted on Twitter attracted a lot of her fans. Most people expressed their love for her lovely blue hair.

  1. Selfie in front of a mirror

The photo below is the clearest comparison of Jessica Nigri’s beauty before and after makeup. She is using her phone and confidently selfie in front of a mirror. Her familiar blonde hair was bun up with long bangs that looks so sweet. Her perfect beauty is no difference between no makeup and makeup. That is the reason why Jessica Nigri is so easily to cosplay many characters because her natural face is a precious gift that God gave her.

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