Common concerns about Vietnam hair extension

Vietnam hair extensions are a method of altering the look of your hair, either adding to it or covering it completely. Hair extensions usually take a long time to apply and can be very costly when professionally done. It seems like that it is possible to wash your hair extensions without damaging them, saving you time and money.

In this blog post, we are so glad to answer some of the outstanding questions related to Vietnam hair extension caring. We hope this can help you indeed!

How can you clean hair extensions?

Cleaning your Vietnam hair extensions begins before you step in the shower. By using a pre-shampoo treatment, this will cleanse your hair acting in the same way sebum does on your scalp. If you have time, leaving the pre-shampoo treatment overnight will provide your extensions with all the essential oils it needs, even your natural hair will thank you. However, if you’re short for time, soaking your hair in the treatment for just 30 minutes will make a big difference.

How can you Apply Shampoo To Human Hair Extensions When Washing?

As you would with your natural hair, wet with water ensuring that the water is falling down your back at all times.  Once your hair is totally wet, apply your Vietnam hair extension shampoo. To help the shampoo spread throughout the hair extensions, lather the shampoo into your hair and then quickly put your head back under the water for a quick splash.  Now spreading the shampoo further will be easier with the added water.  Gently massage the shampoo into the scalp, being very careful to wash the scalp but not to disturb the bonds too much.  Once the scalp is covered, work your way through the rest of the hair

How To Apply Conditioner To Vietnam Hair Extensions?

Once the shampoo is removed you can move onto your conditioner.  Take a large amount of Vietnam hair extension conditioner and apply to the mid lengths and ends only.  Do not apply conditioner to the scalp or roots under any circumstances as this can cause the Vietnam hair extensions to slip or come loose.  Once applied, leave the conditioner for a few minutes before rinsing to let it soak in as much as possible.

How To Rinse Shampoo Out Of Hair Extensions Correctly?

Now that your Vietnam hair extensions are fully covered, you can rinse as normal.  With the water again running down your back, take your time to rinse the shampoo out of the hair extensions.  As you have more hair, and are likely to have used more product, be sure to spend extra time on the rinsing process as it will be needed.  A common cause of itching when wearing hair extensions is due to shampoo and conditioner remaining in the hair after washing due to inadequate rinsing.

Washing your hair extensions need not be a difficult process, as long as you understand what you need to do and which products work best with your extensions, you should not encounter any trouble.

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