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Makeup Trends in Winter 2019-2020

Winter is coming and the keyword “Winter makeup trends” may be one of the hotkeys that is searched by many women on google. Today MCSARA will introduce some trends of makeup in winter 2019-2020. Complexion: Barely-There Makeup: This makeup has another name as the no-makeup look. A Barely-There Makeup is …

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Kim Kardashian Just Brought Back Chunky ‘90s Highlights for Her Latest KKW Beauty Campaign

For folks who came of age in the ’90s and early 2000s, chunky highlights à la Rachel Green from Friends were all the rage. Forget the seamless balayage that’s popular today — the look was unapologetically bold and purposely non-blended. Over the years, the hair-color trend has resurfaced in the form of nostalgia-inducing recreations on …

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