Beautiful wedding hairstyle of Vietnamese celebrities

Wedding is always an important event of any one, especially for the bride. Every single woman wants to be the most gorgeous and beautiful bride on her wedding day. One of the essential factor that contributes to that happiness is an amazing hairstyle. Let’s take these Vietnamese celebrities’ hairstyle as a reference which might inspire yours in the future.

In general, the hairstyles of a Vietnamese bride target to the simple but elegant appearance.

This seems to be a very simple hairstyle for a bride but we have to admit that it looks elegant and gorgeous. This hairstyle is pretty easy to pull off when you know the technique. Basically, the hair is gathered in a big, loose bun at the back and let two framing hair to soften the look. These framing hair is suggested to be curled for a better result. Besides, depending on your wedding dress that you can use suitable hair items to make it even more outstanding. The bride in this picture is wearing a red Ao dai, then she used some romantic roses and a small white hair clip to pop up the look.

The next hairstyle is perfect for those with short hair and confusing which hairstyle they should go for. This is basically a bob haircut with big waves and parted in one side. The other side can be clipped with a white flower or hair item that you favor. This hairstyle looks super classic, Hollywood-like and above all, it is wowing.

Wedding Hairstyle Of Vietnamese 3

For this hairstyle, you can see how simple but beautiful it is. All you have to do is let your hair down, naturally, with some loose waves is encouraged. The other side of your hair can be added some hair accessories to make it better. If you are more into become a princess, then add a small crown on your head, it will be fabulous with a big long wedding dress. A long black hair with only a small touch still makes the bride spotlight in her most important day of her life.

Wedding Hairstyle Of Vietnamese 4

This hairstyle needs only a bit more work than the last one. You should still keep your hair wavy to create a soft, ladylike look. After that, gathering the hair from two sides to the back and secure with a hair clip or beautiful hair accessory. Braiding or twisting in this step is recommended to add more volume to two sides of your head.

Wedding Hairstyle Of Vietnamese 5

The last one is a neat hairstyle that you can create by gathering all the hair to the back with voluminous at two sides. A bit of hair in the front is loosely curled to soften the face frame. In this hairstyle, you can wear a small crown or use some baby breath flower or any kind of white, elegant floral hair accessories to pop up the hair look. The good thing is, like other hairstyles, it doesn’t require to dye your hair or anything, keep it dark then you are good to go.

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