Beautiful hair secret of Korean stars

Beautiful hair secret of Korean stars

Referring to Korean stars, besides the impressive fashion style or beautiful makeup style, the hair is also one of their ideals. Whether they dye or bleach their hair regularly, or often styling, their hair is always soft and shiny. What’s their hair care secret? In fact, each Korean beauty has her own hair care tips. Let’s discover the secrets of these with MCSARA!

#1. Taeyeon – Use special shampoos from Japan

Taeyeon – the leader of famous K-pop music girl band is one of the Korean beauties who often appears with a youthful and feminine beauty, especially the hair that stands out with dyed fashion colors. Although her hair color is changed regularly, her beautiful Korean hair still remains healthy, not dry or damaged.

In order to keep hair healthy, conquering difficult hair colors such as pastel pink, platinum, Taeyeon always carefully takes care of her hair by using a special hair care shampoo from Japan. This is a shampoo designed specifically for dyed hair, capable of restoring damaged hair very well.

In addition to being more assured of hair, Taeyeon also uses conditioning products to supply nutrients to the hair every day. She also minimizes the use of a hair dryer to prevent hair from drying out.

#2. Yoona prefers hair conditioner

The most beautiful beauty in Korea, Yoona has a lot of beauty, from fashion styles to beautiful hairstyles. In order for her beautiful hair to conquer every look, the idol chooses hair essential oil as her own secret for hair care.

She uses the balm after each shampoo while her hair was still quite damp, combines with a massage to penetrate deeply, then applies again when the hair was dry.

#3. Suzy regularly trims her hair

As one of the most beautiful beauties in Korea, Suzy has never “abandoned” hair care. In addition to the running shows, the female idol always spends her time at the hair salon to get her long, soft hair bobbing with life.

Not only do hair care steps, the first thing that the salon staff do on Suzy’s hair will be to trim the damaged hair at the top. This way both helps Suzy F5 hair and helps her hair look beautiful.





































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