Beautiful Female Player Alex Morgan 

Beautiful, talented and hot are adjectives to describe American female player, Alex Morgan who is likened to football’s “Taylor Swift” with a series of records set up. Not only she plays football well but she also has gorgeous long hair. Read this post to understand more about this charming football female player.

Morgan is one of America’s best players to be crowned champion of the 2015 Women’s World Cup. Alex Morgan is considered the most famous female player in the world at the moment. Her social page attracts 3.2 million followers. The 26-year-old beautiful striker currently plays for Portland Thorns FC in the American Women’s career. She receives a salary of 450,000 euros per year from the club. Besides, Alex Morgan has a huge income from sponsorship and advertising contracts. Her estimated total income in a year can reach up to 3 million USD. There are a lot of rich female players who have the short haircuts but Morgan still keeps her long hair. She just changes hairstyles and colors.

Growing up in Diamond Bar, California, Morgan played a variety of sports before deciding to focus on football. Her father, Mike did not know much about football but was the main person to help her become a big player now. When Morgan was 10 years old, her father bought her a goal. Every day he trains with his daughter as a goalkeeper or passes the ball to her to finish. Later, Mr. Mike became Alex’s youth coach.

Her dad was a great inspiration to her. He was the only dad who came to the yard to watch every girl’s training session and never missed a match of hers and the national team. If Alex Morgan’s father was always following him, urging her to practice, playing hard, her mother would have another way of cheering. She said that her mother is a very lovely model. She has a different way of supporting her than my father. Her mother used to say, ‘My daughter if you lose, it’s okay’. Alex Morgan is the youngest child. On her side were two sisters Jennifer and Jeri, 6 and 4 years older than her. Despite his younger age, Alex often participates in competitions with his sisters. She told that she often play chasing each other with her sisters on the road. Everything is a fight. Defeating someone will feel great, whether that person is a family member.

The famous football star, Alex Morgan wore her long hair in a pulled-back ponytail during this World Cup matches.

Morgan often came to the yard with a pink headband. However, very few people know why she wears it. The American striker said she did so to support her mother-in-law, Gloria Carrasco. Ms. Gloria had suffered from breast cancer in 2006 but won over her disease and now lives very well.

When not wearing the soccer shirt, Alex Morgan was pretty and gentle in her event dresses. Along with Hope Solo goalkeeper, Alex is one of the two ladies who stand out for the beauty of America.

Miss America, Alex Morgan is sexy with a thigh-cut dress, attracting lenses when attending the ESPY awards ceremony organized by ESPN. She combed her long straight hair backward to create a glamorous hair look.

Alex Morgan showed off her ultra-glossy locks sleek and slightly side parted at the ‘Entourage’ season 8 premiere.

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