Are you ready to change your hair into Arizona Muse’s striking hairstyles?

Why do our ancestors often say “Fine feathers make a fine bird”? That saying simply reminds us of the importance of beautifying ourselves by eternal accessories. What do you ever think of improving your beauty by changing your hairstyles regularly?  Surprisingly, a great number of people in this world have been learning to create a new makeover by pursuing amazing haircuts of celebrities. This article will bring you to the world of stunning hairstyles that Arizona Muse, the British-American fashion model chose in some events on the red carpet.

She started her modeling career when she was a teenager and received global recognition in editorials of French, American, British, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian Vogue, and Dazed & Confused. Luckily, her family welcomed a son in 2004 and a daughter in 2018.

Short wavy cut

This is the hairstyle that Arizona Muse wore when attending the Chanel Artist dinner in New York City on April 24, 2012. It can be unquestionable that this short cut with natural waves adds freshness and vigor for her beauty. The brown color of the hair plays a vital part in accentuating her smooth and flawless skin. It is hard to resist her charming look with this short wavy cut. No one can believe that she’s 31-year-old already with this modern haircut. Besides, she may be more elegant if wearing a dress instead of a black coat.

Natural brown bob

The perfect combination of the brown hair and the green necklace contributes to creating the noble temperament for the British-American fashion model. We have to admit that she’s mysteriously beautiful when applying this style. There’s no doubt her oval face can knock out every hairstyle from straight hair to wavy hair.

Messy bob with side-swept bangs 

It is Arizona Muse’s image on the cover of Vogue Turkey in February 2014 that was made by talented photographers – Sean & Seng and she actually has to thank the hairstylist – Mark Hampton and the makeup artist – Adrien Pinault since they bring her an impeccable appearance. The bangs are swept on one side, this gives an alluring look. Remarkably, the hair color and her makeup tone are well-matched and they make an elegant but charming Arizona Muse. If you are bob lovers, don’t skip this hairstyle as your beauty will be much more improved thanks to this floating haircut.

Silky short wavy bob

It can be seen that bob hair is always the favorite option of the British-American beauty. To add freshness for her face, she embellishes her short bob by waves at different angles and dyes it bright brown. Moreover, she is smart when combining a white dress and pinkish lipstick. If you love her style, but you are still wondering about your skin, don’t worry, brown color is suitable for anyone whether white or dark complexion.

Dark brown brunette hairstyle

Arizona shines like an elegant lady with a fashionable style. No word can describe her gorgeous beauty in this dark brown brunette hairstyle. It comes as no surprise when millions of men in this world will be certainly willing to fall for her noble countenance.

After browsing this article, have you found an appropriate hairstyle for your new appearance? Pick up one of them and start changing your hair now. It’s time you got rid of the old beauty and move on to a new one. We recommend you should often change your hairstyles to get the best result.

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