Amazing hairstyles of Eva Riccobono will change your outlook

There’s no doubt that the development in medicine can be one of the great achievements for mankind in these days, especially in cosmetic surgery. Millions of people in the world are willing to spend a fortune to buy a more gorgeous appearance through man-made hands. However, they don’t know that there are countless ways to become more beautiful, not just cosmetic surgery. Changing hairstyles as well as dressing can be one of the good initiatives for those people desiring to transform their beauty. This case is true in the saying “The tailor makes the man”. This following article of MCSARA will recommend some hairstyles of Eva Riccobono who own impressive styles in the Italian fashion industry so that you can consider changing your appearance in other ways without using the cosmetic surgery method.

Eva Riccobono – Top Italian model 

Before introducing stunning hairstyles, let’s study some information about Eva Riccobono. She is known as a model, actress, and TV presenter in Italy. Before pursuing a modelling career in Sicily, she used to attend two music videos. She also has cooperated with designers (Giorgio Armani, Emanuel Ungaro, and Gianfranco Ferre) and photographers (Miles, Aldridge, etc,…).

Now we enjoy the gorgeous beauty of the Italian model through amazing hairstyles.

Choppy bob

Eva Riccobono truly rocks this choppy crop and it seems to be tailor-made for the Italian beauty. With the idea of balancing proportions on her face, the stylist combines curls and a center-parted fringe to reduce the length of her face shape. We can’t deny that the stylist puts a great effort in blending colors to create an excellent work – HIGHLIGHTED CHOPPY BOB. To contribute to her gorgeous beauty, deep blue eyes, red lips, and white complexion are equally important. We can’t find any fault in this appearance. Everything creates a perfect look.

Blonde short hair

The Italian model looks pure with ethereal beauty in this blonde short hair. That one side of the hair covers half of her face brings a sense of mysterious feeling when looking at this dreamlike hairdo. Her look truly touches millions of hearts in a twinkle. No need for complicated hairstyles, she still stands out with sexy collarbones. Try it now since it doesn’t take you much time to do and take care of.

Curls with long bangs

Riccobono looks sexy with floating curls and a red long dress having a V-shaped neckline. For girls who own thin hair, curls with long bangs will be a smart choice since the hair looks much thicker through curls varying at different angles. Her hair looks silkier and smoother thanks to the reflection of sunlight.

Messy French Twist

We bet that a great number of people will envy her radiant beauty after watching her in this Messy French Twist. It is such a perfect appearance that no one can’t resist its temptation. It comes to no surprise when everybody will give Riccobono beautiful words about this style. The long white dress with pleats and this sweet hairstyle are well-matched. The Italian actress looks like a goddess when trying this style. Thanks to the flawless face and statuesque body, she has become an ideal model that millions of people from several countries in the world pursue.

Natural wavy medium hairstyle 

We can see that Eva Riccobono always shines like a queen whether long, short, or medium hairstyles. Natural waves and the middle partings bring an elegant attractiveness for the Italian beauty.

MCSARA has given some outstanding hairstyles of Eva Riccobono that you should consult if you are intending to change your appearance in the future. No need to rely on man-made hands, you can still improve your beauty by changing your hairstyles.

You can try hair extensions from MCSARA if choosing hairdos still bothers you. Our professional staff will support you in opting-out appropriate ones from textures to colors. Your duty is to wait to become more gorgeous.


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