After becoming a Victoria’s Secret’s “secret angel”, Alexina Graham’s images are overwhelmed on Google and Instagram immediately. The perfect beauty style of this misty beauty is also famous from that time.

“Forever Young” Woman

Although she always appears with a young and sexy look, Victoria’s Secret’s new “angel” has turned 29 years. Few people know the secret how to keep her youthful features. She gave a piece of advice that you had to start using anti-wrinkle cream at age 25.

If you want to look so young, your hair needs to be cared for. The red hair became a trademark of Alexina Graham but her hair was always dry and worsened during fashion weeks. Her hair care tips are simple, applying a mixture of butter and chicken eggs to her hair and then wrapping them with food wrap and going to bed. Your hair will shine better in the morning after you have washed it thoroughly with water.

The True England Lady

Born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, Alexina Graham could not ignore the habit of drinking tea every day of the English. A glass of warm lemon or hot lemon tea is part of the cycle of caring for the beauty of this beautiful woman. “If you feel sad, try a cup of tea”, that’s advice from Graham. She shared that she always tried to maintain the living habit despite the busy schedule such as science eating method, drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep.

The Evening Rites

As a model, Alexina Graham always wears a lot of makeup. That’s why she always starts the “evening” skincare rituals with makeup remover and a mild cleanser. First, she uses a cotton swab of makeup remover to completely remove eye makeup and then wash her face with a soft face brush. When the skin is totally clean, she masks the hyaluronic acid and masks for lips for 15 minutes. You just need to use the following steps to clean your skin clearly: Skincare serum – Face wash machine – Anti-aging cream – Sleeping mask for lips.

Exercise Four Times Every Week

Especially love boxing, the England “angel” tries to practice at least four times a week or an hour a day. She likes to exercise in the morning and also has a personal boxing coach for herself.

While Graham found herself on the dance floor, school time was more difficult for her because she was teased for having red hair. “Like most redheads, I did get bullied at school because we just stand out. I was this skinny little geeky thing with no boobs, but now I have embraced it as a woman,” she said. “Having red hair is now a powerful part of my identity. It took me a long time to get here, I have gone through so much in the last ten years both in terms of my career and my life.”

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