Agyness Deyn – Symbol of short platinum haircut

It is no longer unfamiliar when Wynona Ryder, Keira Knightly, or Victoria Beckham are usually the names mentioned with the most stunning short hairstyles. However, everyone seems to forget Agyness Deyn, one of the celebrities having the best picture in short platinum haircuts. So, this post will introduce you to some of her chic hairstyles with this unique hair color if you are still dreaming of becoming a version of celebrities. We’re sure that you will not waste your time reading the following information.
Now let’s enjoy her gorgeous beauty in impressive haircuts through photos!

1. Short Platinum Blonde Haircut

The platinum blonde haircut, along with a black coat gives the English beauty a cool look. She seems to be gorgeous in this short haircut without wearing sophisticated hairstyles. It’s not difficult to realize that not anyone of us can dye the hair blonde. Normally, those girls owning a white complexion dare to show off their beauty with stunning blonde hair. Luckily, Agyness Deyn has Snow White’s skin. And we can’t deny that this hairstyle plays an important role in highlighting her beauty with deep blue eyes.

2. Bright Platinum Pixie

A look full of vigor emerges when beholding Agyness Deyn in this hairstyle and no one thinks that she is a 37 year – old woman now. Thus, if you are looking for youth or cuteness, try this pixie now because it’s the most useful weapon that lies your real age. Besides, thanks to a bright smile, the English actress somehow looks younger and sweeter.

3. Messy Bob with Long Side-swept Bangs

Agyness Deyn is smart as choosing a black leather jacket to create a contrast with her messy platinum bob. Moreover, to add more freshness to the face, she chops her hair into two parts to make deep long side-swept bangs that cover her jawline partially. This style suits rebellious girls who pay attention to show their strong personality. So, don’t skip it if you are intending to follow a modern and chic model. Also, you can use necklaces as Agyness Deyn does to decorate your outfits.

4. Short Straight Platinum Bob

A perfect combination of platinum hair color and pinkish lipstick brings a delicate appearance for the top English model. She is fortunate when almost owning a flawless beauty with big blue eyes, a high nose, and a set of gleaming white teeth. However, since her face’s quite long, her stylist usually chooses short hair to lessen its length and create a proportion for her appearance. Overall, she still looks awesome in this haircut.

5. Platinum Pixie

No word can describe her beauty in this haircut. We have to admit short hair and she is an impeccable couple. She still shines as a fashionable lady without bold make-up. Several people will envy her beauty when looking at her in this photo. Thus, don’t miss this hairstyle!

It can be seen that Agyness Deyn always mixes tom-boy kick, grunge, and elegance into a package and she suits this style. Moreover, with her deep eyes and a heart-breaking smile, it’s enough to knock down millions of hearts in this world. This is one of the reasons why her name was in the top 30 models of the 2000s and became the face of Fragrance and Shiseido. Also, she remains in the must-fashion and must-listen Ipod list of many people. It comes as no surprise when she owns a huge number of fans who desire to pursue her style.

And you? Why don’t you try her short haircut? Maybe you also become a celebrity one day and even you can get more beautiful than her when wearing these impressive hairstyles. Remember to introduce them to your family, friends, or colleagues!

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