Advantages and Disadvantages of Clip In Hair Extensions

If you’ve never tried hair extensions before, chances are, the clip in hair extensions terminology and all kinds of different names do look alien to you.

MCSARA hair experts are here to serve you. Today we are going answer the question about clip-in hair extensions?

As you can see from the picture above, the clip-in extensions are designed to be attached using clips, which classifies it as a cold fusion method (meaning that you don’t have to use heat when attaching them).

What Are the Clip-In Hair Extensions Advantages?

The main advantage when it comes to clip-ins is the ability to quickly attach and remove the extra hair (usually within 2-10 minutes (depending on your skill)) and without any help from others. Our Clip in hair extensions will not hurt your hair, it is affordable, convenient and easy to use, you need not visit a salon to fix and remove, It is applied temporarily so you can change your style fast.

Can be used for short (in case you change your mind) or long term.

In addition to that, since you are not using glue, rings or heat, there is pretty zero chance of you ever damaging your hair (for the clip-in extensions attachment instructions, see the following page). It also covers all the pros and cons rather extensively.

What Are the Clip-In Hair Extensions Disadvantages?

Now this is where it gets bit tricky since there are really no major disadvantages, no wonder clip-ins are the most popular extensions in our store.

The only one we can think of is the clips themselves. If you ever pick a low quality supplier, there is a high probability that after using your extensions for a week or two, the clips will simply break. How do you avoid that? Simply go with a supplier that has lots of positive reviews.

Also, if the hair is pulled too hard, the clip may fall off. Finally, you must remove it before going to bed to avoid excessive friction on the already sensitive scalp.

But don’t worry ! We can provide you with clip in Remy human extensions, can guarantee is 100%  Vietnam remy hair.

For the superior quality clip-in extensions, please visit the following our website:  We stock only real Remy human hair extensions with highest quality clips that will not break.

Okay, there is one more we would like to add: when attacking clips, you are attaching multiple strands at once, which means they are not as versatile as Keratin hair extensions where you can attach each strand separately (although that may take up to 2-3 hours and hundreds of dollars). So is that an advantage of disadvantage? You tell us!

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