Short hairstyle is not really “easy” as we think! For a long time, we have always found simple tips to help long hair retain the most perfect beauty. And that would be unfair, because so many short-haired girls often wondered, it’s hard to find similar tips to help your hair. Although relatively flexible and easily styling than long hair, short hair itself has very private secrets that not everyone understands. Don’t be shy, with the 6 suggestions below, you’ll have perfect short hair whenever you appear.

Keep the hair dry

The first thing you need to remember is that never go to bed when your hair is still damp, whether it is long hair or short hair. When you are subjective, put your head down on the pillow when the hair is not dry, this action will make your hair lose its standard and variation in many difficult to describe shapes, depending on the posture you sleep. This is similar when you wear a hat when your hair is wet, or sweaty. Your hair will quickly turn into the shape of a hat, and this is no good.

Naturally style

The natural beauty is always popular, and this is true for short hair. Going to sleep when the hair is still wet, which creates a messy, unnatural hair in the morning and this is something you need to avoid. You can use styling products, but abuse them will make your short hair that loses its natural beauty. Remember to let your hair dry naturally before you start styling.

Do not dry your hair with a hot dryer

To prevent hair from drying out, hurting or losing shape, you should dry your hair with a cold fan or dryer. Changing the sudden temperature of a hot dryer is completely not good for your hair. You should limit the use of a hot dryer if not necessary.

Small round comb

Combs can damage your hair when you use the wrong type, so choosing a comb to suit your hairstyle is important. If you choose the right comb, it will maximize the beauty of your hair. With a short haircut, a small round brush is one of the most essential tools, if not to be missed. It will help you to correct the shortest hair if you get the following tip: spray a little glue to keep it about 5 minutes, then use a round brush to achieve the desired hair swelling. With this tip, you get a great look, just like the charming superstars.

Styling products

This is an indispensable element if you want to have short hair with your personality, even if you have a soft or coarse curly hair. Before your hair is completely dry, use styling products, creating thick, bulging or anti-curling products.

Note when using styling products

Limit the use of products or tools to dry hair naturally, significantly reduces damage to the hair. Whether hair irons or dryers are convenient for hairstyling, abuse causes hair damage. The alcohol components in styling products help the product to create a quick-dry and sticky style, which will make the hair dry and brittle. Besides, you will need to improve oil to maintain hair health.

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