Hair extensions are increasingly becoming a perfect choice for trendy women. However, ways to make the wig look so natural is not easy.

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  1. Color matches

The wig must necessarily have a color that closely coincides with your natural hair color.

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Besides, the color of the hair will also contribute to the brightness of your skin. Therefore, you should choose the suitable wig’s color to your skin. If your skin is a bit darker, you will look more prominent with the hair color like dark yellow or dark brown. But with light skin, your hair can definitely come in all colors.

  1. Choose the right hairstyle

Whether it’s real hair or a hair extension, you need to know how to choose the right hairstyle for your face. With long faces, you should use ponytail hairs to reduce the length of the face.

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If you want to look gentler and more feminine, you can choose for yourself wavy or curly hairs.

If you have a round face, a straight hair extension with shoulder length should be the perfect choice.

  1. Care your hair thoroughly

If you do not know how to preserve your hair, surely it will quickly lose its natural and get tangled. Therefore, you should simultaneously take care of both real hair and wigs properly.

When washing your hair, you’d better use particular shampoo, conditioner and comb which is for wig only. Absolutely do not use hot water but you should wash the wigs with cold water.

Washing time depends on the frequency of using. If you regularly use wigs, you should wash them once a week and twice a week for less use.

  1. Careful use

If the wig is wet, absolutely do not brush and dryer, you should let them dry naturally. Then, the wig still retains the structure of the hair and is not damaged by heat or strong impact.

Unfortunately, the wig can get dirty, so you can use hand wash or toothbrush to clean them.

When not using the wig, you should hang them on the racks to keep the hairstyles.

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  1. Combine accessories

Accessories are great to help your wig get more natural. The straps help the wig easily cling to the head as well as making you look pretty.

Decorating the hair with a bow is a wise choice for a feminine girl.You can also use more styles of turban, they will make you become more lovely and beautiful.

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