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Beautiful long black hair is always the greatest pride of Asian women. Unfortunately, some women’s hair has a tendency to turn from black to other colors like blonde or gray. How to make your hair black again without any harm? Let’s us tell you some useful tips:

Protect your hair from sunlight

Sunlight can be considered as the perpetual enemy of people’s skin as well as hair in summer. Hair experts have proven that UV rays from the sun are the main reason leading to dry and lifeless hair, split ends, hair breakage, hair color changes and may other hair problems. Therefore, you should protect your hair from sunlight by wearing a wide brim hat, tying your hair neatly and applying hair sunscreen on your hair before going out so that your black hair will not fade into blonde or gray.

Use coconut oil and olive oil for hair

Coconut oil and olive oil are often known as one of the most effective natural home remedies for hair as they add shine and softness to your hair, moisturize your hair, stimulate hair growth and step by step make your hair darker. It is recommended that you massage your hair with warm coconut oil or olive oil for about 10 minutes in one time. Repeat this treatment at least 2 times a week to get gorgeous hair.

Have a balanced diet with foods for healthy black hair

Your body gets nutrients from foods and so does your natural hair. Eating more healthy foods, such as calcium-rich foods, iron-rich foods, mineral-rich foods and vitamin-rich foods, is the foundation of healthy hair. Here are some suggested foods which play an important role in darkening your hair: seafood (especially salmon), milk, almonds, carrots, potatoes, black sesame seeds, barley, chocolate, etc. Furthermore, it is necessary to drink enough water everyday. Normally, you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day for healthy and natural black hair.

Trim your hair regularly

It is obvious that hair ends are the driest and the most damaged part of your hair. Additionally, hair ends can turn to blond easily due to sunlight or the heat from hair styling tools.  As a result, to avoid damaged hair and keep your hair black, you need to trim your ends every 12-16 weeks, hair stylist Christine Symonds recommends. The time depends on how your hair ends are damaged and how much longer your hair is.

Use suitable black hair shampoo and conditioner

Today, many different kinds of black hair shampoo and conditioner are available in the market, so it is better for you to spend a little time doing research on these kinds of shampoo and conditioner to find out the ones which suits you most. In addition, you should consider the ingredients in shampoo and conditioner to know whether they are safe or not.

Hope that this writing is helpful for you to get beautiful black hair.

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