In the red carpet race in 2018, certainly many Hollywood stars have left a small impression in fans’s heart. From clothing, makeup or even hair styles which bring fresh colors gradually become the trend. If you are interested and looking for the best hairstyles in 2018, please refer to these 5 long hairstyles that Hollywood stars prefer.

Jennifer Lawrence with a retro curly hair

Jennifer Lawrence really made the news reporter and her fans  excited when becoming the centerpiece of the red carpet this year. A long curly hair with bright yellow color made her more standout than ever. The makeup also seems to help her hairstyle brighter, and she looks powerful like a lion on the red carpet.

This hairstyle was quite popular in the 90s, but through the hairstylist’s hands, this retro hair has become more modern than ever. However, although the hair extension is modern and fashionable but still keep the classic look.

Kim Kardashian with a long platinum hair

It is extremely wrong if we ignores Kim Kardashian, one of the beauties that many people admire. Kim’s favorite hairstyle is still a long straight hair, especially this time she refreshed them with a platinum color and a light curly style.

And indeed, as Kim appeared on the red carpet, she has made many people admire and completely convinced by her western makeup style, fashion and hairstyles. In addition, Kim’s hairstyle also appreared everywhere on the social network, making up the trend of hot hairstyles that any girl prefer.

Miley Cyrus with retro bending hair

At the charity of AIDS Foundation, Miley joined with her husand and they gave each other a loving look with great wishes and support from fans around the world.

Everything that Miley brought to the event was extremely cheerful, and slightly classic. Typically, her retro curly hair which was combined with the shade ash blonde color has helped her shine more than ever when standing next to her man. And it can be said that Miley left a strong impression in the heart of many people with this hairstyle.

Demi Lovato  with traditional black curly hair

Recently, on the occasion of the sixth-year anniversary of successful detoxification, Demi Lovato posted her picture on Instagram and Twitter with a long black natural wavy hair extension. The strong hair has partly reflected on her freshness and youth when she has experienced hard times.

A very simple hairstyle received a lot of praise from the fan community, which showed that not only her spirit is much more stable but the singer also loved herself more.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner shared many pictures captured with her newborn daughter. Her face does not change with sharp lines  and her long black hair. She still looks beautiful even after having baby.

Unlike Asian stars, most Hollywood stars choose for themself the most basic hairstyle. As they said, the most beautiful hairstyles are just simple, glossy and healthy.

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