5 Basic principles for dyed hair

Following the guidelines below will help you get perfect dyed hair, soft, smooth and lasting color.

  • Do not wash your hair often

First, when the new dye is finished, you should only wash your hair after 3 days. Note that only use specialized shampoo for dyed hair which does not have much bleach. In addition, during the first week of dyeing hair, avoiding hair contact with chemicals such as swimming or drying hair in the sun for too long, which will cause hair color to change.

After that, only wash twice a week. If you feel that hair is a little bit dirty, you can use dry shampoo as an alternative.

  • Limit drying, curling hair

Dyed hair is quite sensitive so you also minimize the heat effects on the hair by drying, curling, straightening. Because high temperatures can oxidize the hair color to light and dull. It is best to let your hair dry naturally, but if you are hurry or need to go to a banquet, using a low temperature dryer is best for you at that time.

  • Use dedicated products for dyed hair

The process of dyeing hair will cause the protein, mercury and oil in the hair loss. Therefore, you need a type of dye-based care product to help stabilize the hair structure and to neutralize the pH of the hair as well as oily skin, maintaining hair color.

In addition, the hair is easy to fade because of routine activities such as sun exposure, environmental temperature … as well as breakage, dry fiber, specialized shampoo and conditioner will not only help you hair conditioner but also keep dye color to stay longer.

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  • Do not wash with hot water

Washing with hot water is a common habit for many people, but it does affect the structure of your hair, especially if your hair is weak due to dyeing. Hot water will dissipate the natural oils on the scalp and peel your scalp so your dyed hair color will go faster and drier.

If you wash with warm water, you should rinse with cold water last. This will help the scalp to seize and reduce scalp peeling.

  • Protect your hair when going out

Ultraviolet sunlight not only damages the skin but also damages the hair. For dyed hair, the hair is dry, fibrous and more colorless. Make sure your hair is protected such as using a hat, spraying sunscreen for the hair.

In an emergency, you can use SPF 20-25 sunscreen, diluted with water and sprayed lightly on the hair.

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