Hair style changes every season and it’s the same with hair color. You may get tired of with choosing a nice color which is both suitable with your hari as well as fit the current trend. However, with these following colors, you will never be out of fashion.

  1. Chocolate brown

Chocolate will always be the favorite dyed color of all time. The evidence is that for many years, it has not decreased its hot and is still a safe choice for all female stars. This color is not too prominent or dazzling, it will make you look more attractive in the eyes of the opposite.

  1. Reddish brown

After chocolate brown, reddish brown is also a dyed color that you should not miss. This color not only makes you young, seductive and fashionable but still retain the inherent gentleness. Since this is the basic tone, you do not need to bleach your hair before dyeing. Hair care procedures are also simplified a lot.

  1. Natural black

One of the reasons people prefer to dye black hair after a long time with enough bright colors is due to the movement. However, it can be said that, this is still the most pure hair color which is accecpted by all people.

Natural black hair can aslo help you look more mature and seductive when combining with dress and makeup. In particular, black hair also helps bright your skin a lot. Therefore, many world stars still prefer to dye natural black hair the most, though it is not really the most popular dyed color at present.

  1. Smoky color

In addition to the three basic dyed color above, many girls also often bleach hair to dye the smoky color. It is especially suitable for anyone who wants to change yourself with new hair style. Smooth smoky tone in cold brown will help your face brighter.

However, it will be more suitable for people with warm skin pigment. In contrast, if you have cold skin pigment, it should be slightly re-looked or you can add a little bit of cheeks to balance again. This color is very prefered rcently by both women and men.

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