3 hairstyles for wavy hair extensions

Wavy Long Platinum Hairstyle

This my inner monolog each morning before the mirror-“Ponytail? No Ponytail? Ponytail? No Ponytail?” x 1000. For us hesitant women out there, this is the perfect solution. With your blasts and all the hair at the front forgot to outline your face, and whatever remains of your hair tied up at the back, you will create a perfect illusion.

What You Need
  • Hair elastic
  • 1.5-inch curling iron
How To Style
  1. Get your hair cut in long layers with long, side-swept bangs.
  2. Leaving out your bangs and half of your topmost layer, sweep all your hair back and tie it into a low ponytail.
  3. Part your bangs and all the other left out hair on one side.
  4. Curl the lower half of all the hair in the front to finish off the look.

Side Braid In Wavy Elegance

The unusual placement of a braid can do wonders in creating new hair looks. Take this look, for example. The little braid starting from your parting and hanging down to frame your face is the epitome of boho chic.

What You Need
  • Volumizing mousse
  • Smoothening serum
  • Hair elastic
How To Style

1. Apply a dollop of volumizing mousse and a dime-sized amount of smoothening serum throughout your hair.
2. Part your hair on one side.
3. From the side of your parting with more hair, pick up a 2-inch section of hair from right above your forehead.
4. Braid this section of hair 5 or 6 times, and secure its tail with a hair elastic.

Messy Wavy Braid

Who says you can’t sport a side braid to a formal event? This roughened-up side braid with gently swept back bangs is perfect for a business dinner or a gala event. Style it with some long dangling earrings, and you’re good to go!

What You Need
  • Sea salt spray
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair elastic
  • Light hold hair spray
How To Style

1. Prep your washed and dried hair with lots of sea salt spray.
2. Part your hair on one side.
3. Gently sweep back the hair from above your left ear and loosely pin it to the back of your head.
4. Repeat the previous step on the other side.
5. Gather all your hair over on one side and braid it till the end.
6. Secure the end with a hair elastic.
7. Now, roughen up your braid with your hands. Don’t be afraid to pull out the ends of your hair through your braid.
8. Finish off with some light hold hair spray to prevent the braid from disintegrating completely.

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